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Scientific practical centre «VLANT»
of Tamara Lan'kova and Vyacheslav Lan'kov

Our phones:
(495) 979-4141, (495) 979-4242,
(499) 252-7622, (499) 241-6131

e-mail: post@lankov.com

Tamara Lan`kova and Vyacheslav Lan`kov

We, Tamara Lan`kova and Vyacheslav Lan`kov, greet you and
thank you for visiting our site.

We know that our name became cluttered with rumors and legends. They are enlogizing us and vice versa. Well, that's all expenses of popularity. Now we're going just to communicate with you and to inform you about our work.
It will be interesting to communicate with us not only for people of philosophic and analytic cast of mind - an "Information block".