Tamara Lan'kova and Vyatcheslav Lan'kov

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Scientific practical centre «VLANT»
of Tamara Lan'kova and Vyacheslav Lan'kov

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Lan`kova T.V., Lan`kov V.V. had been working with the problem of psychosomatic homeostasis disorders and the methods of it's` corrections for years. They work and study the diagnostics, treatment and prophylactics of different diseases. It is hard to name the number of patients that got real help in the centre.

T.Lan`kova and V.Lan`kov posess a unique gift of heading, they posess an encyclopaedic knowledge based on ancient European and oriental medical systems and also considering modern orthodox positions and views on human organism.

Using rational knowledge the right way, with the help of many traditional medical systems, authors work successfully with their patients from all over our country. Their names are memorized thankfully by many patients from Russia.

The same time as T.Lan`kova and V.Lan`kov use their capabilities and knowledge, they do a lot of scientific work.

The subject of their researches is a question that is actual since the time of Hippocrates- the problem of prophylactics, curing and saving a human organism healthy.

The authors` unyielding labour and rich life experience, of many years` standing supervision, their care after their patients, gathered empirical knowledge - all these became the fundamentals of created methods and classifications such as the classification of constitutional types, the classification of diathesis to typical functional disorders of diseases of organs, tissue, systems of organs of constitutional types. The authors have also created the methods of loosing weight " If you want to grow thin", the methods of exploring the reconstructing process of organism, the methods of curing with the help of bioenergethic influence, the methods of prophylactics and curing different diseases with the help of different kinds of food. The readers will get a closer acquaintance with this system while reading this book.

Lan`kovs are corresponding members of Russian medical technical academy, members of international energetic - informational academy, members of New York's science academy, professors of Russian natural sciences` academy, prize-winners of P.L.Kapitsa`s silver medal for their researches and development of methods of prophylactics and treating.

They were named best using ''traditional methods of curing'' doctors for their achievements in the fields of medicine and for creating the base of the best Russian doctors of the XX century by the State Duma Committee of Public health.

Standing up for using curing food to prevent maintenance of different diseases so much as for treating different illnesses, the authors curing food and special food ingredients to cure is more effective than doubtful tablets or even well known medicaments. It's a well-known fact, that all these medicine have some toxic influence on the organism, but the healthy food, when it is well-balanced and well- fit, is certainly useful for the patient and it makes no toxic influence. And the curing food is always compulsory addition to different kinds of pharmaceutical products. We must remember the wisdom of such ancient doctors as Hippocrates, Galen and Celsus, who knew the secrets of curing food, calling this field of science "the dietic medicine" and predicted a glorious future for it in the hierarchy of medical disciplines.

Corresponding member of RAMN (Russian academy of medical sciences), professor, Doctor of medical sciences, Vice-president of International traditional medicine association.