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of Tamara Lan'kova and Vyacheslav Lan'kov

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To understand better when we can really help you and in what situation each man needs help.

We've created a new programme to help the man.
Each man is a whole world. His life is a number of physical and emotional conditions that are connected with his hereditary peculiarities and with his destiny.

As a result of our researches we've noticed that the man inherits not only the exterior signs, such as constitution, colour of the eyes, the hair, disposition to some diseases, peculiarities of behaviour. He also inherits potentials: to love, to be loved, to be lonely, rich, poor, communicative, lucky, etc.

He also inherits the disposition to situations, among them are: some dramatic situations, for example, widowhood, unfaithfulness, some traumas of head or another parts of the body, fatalities with the transport, falling from height, etc. To begin with some karmic aspects that everyone possesses.

  1. Monetary
  2. Marriage
  3. Social (house, work)
  4. Private
  5. Of luck
  6. Communicative
  7. of health

Each of these aspects can be full and positive, zero or negative, for example:
  1. Marriage aspect:
    • Full- a man is luckily married
    • Zero marriage - he's (she's) lonely
    • Negative- his marriages are disposable to breaking when the reason is unfaithfulness, alcoholism, insanity or death.
  2. Monetary aspect:
    • Full- he earns and gathers money during his life, he is business
    • Zero - he earns and spends the same money, he hasn't got his own real estate
    • Negative- he lives in eternal debts
  3. Social aspect:
    • Full - a man finds an interesting and useful work
    • Zero- he works to make the ends meet
    • Negative means a temporary or whole lost of capability to work
  4. Private — tells about the attitude of a man to himself, comparison of his own facilities with his aims, is situated on the karmic axis and stimulates or weakens the other 6 aspects. A man can underestimate or overestimate himself, he may make wrong aims.

    For example work - its intensity that doesn't deal good with the strength of his health, or let the work play the main role paying no attention to family, or let the fortune play, the main role, depend on friends much more than on himself.

    It's equally harmful to underestimate or overestimate yourself. It can destroy the man, influence badly his health or destroy the other 6 aspects.
  5. Aspect of luck:
    • Fullnbsp;— a man is always lucky
    • Zero- there's no zero luck or unluck
    • Negative - big or small misfortunes during the life.
  6. Communication:
    • People who dispose and are disposed to communication posses the full aspect, they've good friends.
    • Zero- have no close relations with anybody, they even don't need them.
    • Negative - they are disposed to break relations and they are also disposed to betrayal.
  7. Health depends on the heredity and the way of life.
    • Positive aspect. It's possessed by the people with good immunity, capable to love and to be loved and a good self- regulation;
    • Zero aspect: the health needs a continual support;
    • People with negative aspect periodically need a serious, sometimes long- time treating.

Each of these 7 aspects is innate, it can strengthen or weaken, and it can become a zero aspect or a negative aspect, if a man wishes it. Each of these aspects can transform to another. For example: a man devotes himself to his friends and pays no attention to his family or work, doing nothing more, he concentrates himself on his inner world noticing nothing around.

The man can be named harmonical if he can combine all his work the right way and if come of his innate potentials are bad developed, he can replace it with another one. For example, innate impossibility to love can be refilled with wisdom and experience. Wisdom is good also for a man with a bad luck.

Sometimes a man cannot notice his own problems, he cannot concentrate himself on the work and sometimes even though he has innate positive potential, he gets into troubles, has different problems.

Our individual pentagrams can solve your problems and find the reason of misfortune.

What are the cases when a man is disposed to trouble? Each man has misfortune periods during his life. Sometimes these periods last for a long time, when he becomes a loser after he had been lucky

Complicated dramatic problems, which appear during our life, are called burdens..

Most of the serious destructions in a man's life are caused by the dear people's deaths.

Burdens of the first degree - the reason are the death of the one of the parents; the right - handers will have serious problems, lost of the family or money or work after the father's death.

Burdens of the first degree — the reason are the death of the one of the parents; the right - handers will have serious problems, lost of the family or money or work after the father's death.

Mother's death can have the reason of lost luck, or friends or health; the left - handers in this case can be loose the 1st, the second and the third aspects. Father's death will be the reason of lost 5th, 6th and the 7th aspects.

Drawing up your pentagrams, we find out the connection that leads to hard days and losts and help to eliminate them.

Burdens connected with the parents` death last for 4 years: 2 years before and 2 years after the death.

Burdens of the second degree also last for 4 years and they are connected with the grandparents` death. They are less destructive, but they are very dramatic and cause the breaches.

The burdens of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degrees can be caused by a "sliding death point". It can be an apoplectic stroke or infarct or any other serious disease or maiming, or fatality, after which a man hardly survives.

The sex-male or female explains the order of broken karmic aspects and the problem connected with it.

During the burdens of the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd degrees periods we recommend to turn to our centre to make the karma diagnostics and to correct it if it's needed.

With the help of our capabilities we eliminate the burdens, help to avoid serious dramatic events. If they had already happened, we can take away the stress and weaken or eliminate the problems.

Hard period of 4 years can be also caused by the zero-containing age: 10,20,30,40 years and etc.

At the age of 8-12 years the most dangerous traumas physical and emotional, leaving its sign and being the beginning of many illness and many years` problems can occur.

Since 18-22 years: the disposability to vices or innocence is defined. That means the moral health degree.

Since 28-32 years: the man can do wrong steps breaking something in his future life.

Since 38-42 years: his body is disposed to a serious disease.

Since 48-52 years: his family can be collapsed.

Since 58-62 years: all the vices gathered during the life ruin the body.

Since 68-72 years: the main loses his friends and good luck.

We don't give the data on the older aged men connected with the statistic length of life.

During the period of a "zero-containing age" we make the diagnostics of the karma, take away the problem of life or health with the help of our pentagrams.

During all the named periods, such as:
  • Burdens connected with the relatives` death;
  • Burdens connected with a "zero-containing age"
The hardest periods are those that take place for 2 months before and 2 months after your birthday.

All the events during a man's life, all his conditions: physical and emotional are tied with the condition of his relatives by the invisible horizontal and vertical strings.

The emotional and physical condition is the root of his problems (emotional problems) and is also the physical essence connected with axis.

The stomach liver and pancreas axis is the axis of luck. If the liver is ill - the work is ill with the weakness and inflammation. If the stomach is ill - the personality is ill - there's no luck. The disease or weakness of the genitals can cause problems in love. If the man's genitals have few life force- he isn't loved or loved with a short and undurable love.

Inflammation of the right kidney means that all the earned money will be quickly spent, inflammation of the left kidney means that the man has aggressive relations with the others. The weakness of the right kidney or its insufficiency means the lack of the money, if the left kidney is ill - a man needs devoted friends.

Chronical bronchitis -the man is overloaded with the work, but he has no luck. The weakness of the bronchs means the tiredness after the overloading with the work and the potentials of work and luck are badly developed. Weak right lung means that a man cannot earn enough money ever for qualified work.

The right lung's inflammation means that the aim of work was changed to the aim of earning. Weak left lung means that it's impossible to find devoted friends - colleagues. The inflamed left lung - many misfortunes because of the conflicts with another people.

General ptosis of organs - the problems were more strong than the nervous system strength. General weakening of the spine - weakening of the aim of life, sometimes caused by the wish not to live after overcoming the serious problems.

Pains and inflammations of the small intestines means that the suffering and the "soul's pain" is stronger than the man himself. Weakness, bad digestions -there are problems that the man doesn't know how to solve. The large intestines inflammation occurs to those men, who are incapable to be glad for the other others. Weakness or atony of the intestines occurs to a man who spends more time and money on others than on himself.

If the bladder is weak - the man is exploited by the relatives. If the bladder is inflamed - the man is egoistic in the attitude to his relatives. All these links can be reverse.

Something can reconstruct or ruin another. During the periods of the burdens of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree or "a zero-containing age" the karmic axis are strained:
  • mind axis;
  • soul and heart axis;
  • body axis.
  • main axis, going along the spine, its straining can cause weakening or destructions of the organs or the aspects, connected with them, damaging the place weakened innately or traumatized.
The straining of mind axis causes:
  • weakening of memory;
  • headaches;
  • inflammation or weakening of the nervous systems, nervous disruptions or depressions;
  • frontitis, antritis, lost of sense of smell;
  • toothaches and gum inflammations, loss of teeth;
  • eyes` inflammation or weakening of sight;
  • ears` inflammations or loss of hearing.
The staining of the soul axis:
  • inflammation of the liver, its weakening;
  • inflammation of the stomach, colic, ulcer;
  • pneumonia or the lungs` weakening;
  • inflammation of the pancreas or its weakening;
  • inflammation of the heart muscle or mitral valves, or their weakening;
  • inflammation or weakening of the small intestines straining of the body axis;
  • inflammations of the kidneys, ureters, bladder or their weakening;
  • inflammation or weakening of the male and female genitals;
  • inflammation or weakening of the small intestines leading to atony.
Straining to the vertical axis- spine axis of life causes pains, straining, and discomfort of the back.
  • Girding pains coming from the spine
  • Ruptures
  • Weakening of the spine, displacement of the disks
  • Loss of the sensibility
  • General organs` lowering

According to our pentagrams we define the conditions of your axis, take off the straining from them if there are some.
We solve the problems according to the connections.
In some cases we tell the patient the way out of his problems, in serious cases we help him ourselves. We've been gathering this knowledge for 15 years and now we use them in our work and help you.

We wish you harmony and peace.
With love and respect, Tamara Lan`kova and
Vyatcheslav Lan`kov.